Oliver Seligman


As a Sales Trader in one of the world's top investment banks, Oliver never thought he would become a writer.Yet life has a funny way of laughing at our plans, and then doing exactly what it wants.Oliver has written and published two books, Befriending Bipolar and The Broker who Broke Free. He now writes articles about consciousness, psychology, overcoming challenges, mental health and living with a mental illness.If you are interested in receiving the occasional article, video or audio from Oliver, please fill out your name and email below.

About Oliver:

In 2021 Oliver wrote Befriending Bipolar: a patient's perspective. His book offers an honest insight into the world of living with mental illness. It has been well-received by people with bipolar, their friends and family and those curious to learn more about this illness. Rebecca Lawrence, Consultant Psychiatrist, on behalf of The Royal College of Psychiatrists wrote, "I would strongly recommend this book to all psychiatrists."

You can read her full review here: https://bit.ly/3S2EHzt

Oliver now gives inspiring talks about his experiences with bipolar and what he has learned along the way. He has talked in Norwegian psychiatric hospitals and acute units, spreading hope and down-to-earth wisdom with a sense of humour. For the last twenty years he has taught The Ishayas' Ascension meditation all over the world and is currently studying a Masters in the Psychology of Mental Health at Edinburgh University.

Oliver's books:
Befriending Bipolar

Following a manic episode which ended in a psychiatric hospital in Edinburgh, I was diagnosed with bipolar. There began a journey I never wanted to embark on. A journey of heavenly highs, hellish lows, powerful medications, and the confusion and pure madness of psychosis.For thirty years, I denied, fought and resented having bipolar disorder. However, after many years I chose, or was forced, to accept it. It was from this state of acceptance that the title Befriending Bipolar popped into my head. Befriending a condition that had ruined significant parts of my life wasn't something I ever planned to do and it didn't happen overnight. However, when I did stop fighting bipolar, my life changed for the better.Check out Befriending Bipolar on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/3FXTP7A

The Broker who Broke Free

This riveting and fast-paced true story follows Oliver's life from stressed out Sales Trader working on the top sales trading desk in the world, to peaceful, meditating monk. Oliver thought he had it all. Money, prestige and prospects, but he felt empty. Something was missing.Ignoring his true calling, life smacked him over the head again and again and again. After several brushes with death, he experienced a profound transformation and finally found what had been missing all along.It is popular to believe that if we create the perfect life, find financial freedom or manifest our dreams, then we will be happy. However, this isn't the case. No amount of freedom, fun or money can change the thoughts in our mind. He found that true happiness is found in the one place he never thought of looking.