Oliver Seligman

Author & Public Speaker

As a man who has lived with a mental illness for over 30 years, I offer a unique perspective on how to live a better life with bipolar. My main message is that learning to accept and work with bipolar is more effective than fighting it.To read my latest article published by the British Psychological Society on "The Power of Love in Mental Health" please click below:

My book, Befriending Bipolar, describes how I learned to cope, and eventually thrive, despite my diagnosis. Befriending Bipolar gives hope, insight and practical tips for anyone who wants to learn more for themselves, or a friend, or family member.Befriending Bipolar has many "five star" Amazon reviews. To learn more click the video below.

To buy Befriending Bipolar:

Tto hear an excerpt from Befriending Bipolar click the video below.

Through writing, public speaking, podcast interviews, and my YouTube channel, I share my views, tips and insights on living with bipolar, finding peace and living a life with purpose.Below is an interview I recorded on the "This is Bipolar" podcast.

I give talks in psychiatric hospitals and acute clinics, using storytelling, group exercises and humour to offer new perspectives.I have featured in over 25 podcasts.If you would like to brighten your day with the occasional uplifting video please sign up below. I will not use your details for anything else.